love: a ‘one another’ comic

This comic is part of a chain blog, you can read more about that at the bottom.

My lettering on this comic was terrible which is why I went through the extra effort of actually typing out the words. You’re welcome.


The fine print (I didn’t write this, which is why it is full of “pleases” and “your comments are important” type crap!):
1) If you would like to write the next blog post (link) in this chain, leave a comment stating that you would like to do so. If someone else has already requested to write the next link, then please wait for that blog post and leave a comment there requesting to write the following link.
2) Feel free to leave comments here and discuss items in this blog post without taking part in the actual “chain.” Your comments and discussion are very important in this chain blog (both this post and the other link posts in the chain).
3) When you write a link in this chain, please reply in the comments of the previous post to let everyone know that your link is ready. Also, please try to keep an updated list of links in the chain at the bottom of your post, and please include these rules at the bottom of your post.


The Chain (I didn’t write these, so they won’t be as good as my post, but they’re ok.):
1. “Chain Blog: One Another” by Alan
2. “Linking One Another” by Swanny
3. “What Does It Mean to Love One Another? by Chuck
4. “The treasure of “One Another” by Jim
5. “This is how the world shall recognise you…” by Kathleen
6. “Accepting one another in love” by Chris
7a. “One Another-ing: A meta-narrative for the church” (Part 1 of 2) by Greg
7b. “One Another-ing: A meta-narrative for the church” (Part 2 of 2) by Greg
8. “Individualism and ‘one another’” by Pieter
9. “All Alone with One Another” by Jeremy
10. “When it’s OK for Christians to compete” by Joshua
11. “Jesus Christ, the Corner Stone for One Another” by Peter
12. “Be Superficial with One Another” by Jon
13. “The Unmentionable One Anothers” by Alan
14. “Loving more fully and widely” by Chris
15. “the one another weapon” by Dan
16a. “Corporate One-Anothering” (Pt.1 of 2) by David
16b. “Corporate UN-Anothering” (Pt. 2 of 2) by David
17.“The Last Revival” by Tobie
18.“love: a ‘one another’ comic” by Dan
19.“I Can Only Love You If…” by Rob



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    5. Steve Martin


      I might have asked everyone to leave, though, if I were the guy up front.

      Bottom line. We just don’t want to love everyone. Oftentimes, hardly anyone.

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