christians are stealing marriage from god

Hey stupid Christians, the more you fight the government’s desire to legalize same sex marriage the more you are destroying what you like to call the sanctity of marriage. I won’t even get into what terrible people you make yourselves out to be on Facebook and in picket lines and whatever. It is embarrassing as someone who tries to follow¬† Christ, but more generally as a fellow human being. Inequality signs? “Screw equality”? These are things I am seeing on Facebook. Terrible. But, like I said, I’m not going to get into that. The simple point I want to make is that, as Christians, you should know that the government has no say in marriage, that, if in fact, marriage is an institution created by God, that only God says what a legitimate marriage is. When you fight on Capitol Hill to preserve “traditional marriage” you are saying that the government¬† says what marriage is. You, not the homos or the stupid lefty Obama jock-sniffing politicians, are the one who is detroying the sanctity of marriage. Uncle Sam has no say in marriage, don’t give him the impression that he does. That is like arguing with a two-year-old about whether or not there is only one moon orbiting the earth and thinking that if the two-year-old wins the argument, somehow there will be multiple moons shaped like donuts and candy.




    1. BobM

      You obviously did not read your bible on this one. It clearly states in Hezekiah 3:4 “Thou shalt wage a mighty culture war against the godless heathen until thou art the head they the foot”. Of course everybody knows the one about Jesus throwing stones at that sinful woman or the one where Paul went to Rome to present the Emperor with a petition to put an end to the practice of exposing babies.
      Come on Dan, I expect better than this from someone who has been to seminary.
      It’s time to make America the great Christian nation it once was. Remember, “Go into all the world and preach morality to every creature.”

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