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Bets Before and After Work

I always get to work before everyone else because I wake up early to take the train to work. I’m always worried that the train will be delayed one day and I’ll be late to work, so I always leave a little bit earlier than I should. On the way to work, and when I’m at work waiting for everyone else to arrive, I play around on the bitcoin casinos to pass the time. Since there’s nothing else to do, I figured I might as well try making some money before it’s time for me to make some money at work.

It’s so quiet at my workplace when there’s no one else there but me. If I cough, I swear that I can hear an echo. Since I’m the only one there, I can change the thermostat to the temperature that I like the best and it will stay that way for the rest of the day because no one wants to get up to change it. Even though there is no one else to hear me when I’m playing, I turn the volume down. It’s a bit of a habit that I started when I began playing on the train.… Read More...